Submissions have closed for our second issue. Take a look at our submission guidelines to prepare yourself for the next go-round.

  1. Send no more than five poems.
  2. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable. We will only publish poems that have not been published elsewhere, though. If we offer to publish, let us know if a poem has been accepted elsewhere.
  3. Send each poem in its own file. The file name should be the title of the poem. The file should contain only the title and text of the poem. Do not include any author information in the file; submissions are read blinded. Files should be in PDF format only.
  4. Include your name and the title of each poem in the body of your e-mail. You do not need a cover letter. We probably will not read it. We will worry about gathering information about you after we decide we want to publish your work.
  5. Don’t follow up with us. It’s just not necessary. One of three things will happen: we’ll contact you to say we want your poem, we’ll contact you to decline to publish, or we’ll ignore your poem altogether. If you get ignored altogether, it’s because you didn’t follow the submission guidelines. Following up is an excellent way to get yourself dumped into that bucket.