If I Should Die Before I Wake

by AriDy Nox

these the kind of nightmares
that make evening prayers
spirit clench fists
eyes water
soak memories of children’s choir in blood
and wring
church bells ring
with death tolls
Bloody Sundays come early
hollow-boned surrender
we collapse
in the middle of streets
and ask mercy
as we scrape our knees on pavement
for it is just as safe as any alter
which is to say not at all
which is to say
Our Father
Who Art In Heaven
Hallowed Be Thy Name
And Terrified
Be They Children
And Desecrated
Be Thy House
we’re reminded
all our skyscrapers found beginnings in graveyards
so what it is one more building
drenched in our deaths?
but to how much holy ground must we be sacrificed
before the offering
is no longer Holy?

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