And the Dog Say to the Cat

by Dave Harris

Do they take you for walks?
What games do you play with them?
Yesterday, we played fetch for like an hour
They throw the ball to impossible heights
and I get it every time they love me
You’re too small to be loved.
I sometimes do this thing where I stand on
Two feet and make this whine noise & if I do it
Hard enough they give me a treat or
The scraps from their table or at least a good laugh
They love me I lick peanut butter from their skin
They praise me at dinner parties
Roll over, sit, stand, fetch, speak, be quiet
They love me
I always clean my plate.

                and the cat say to the dog

i only purr when it suits me
at night, i climb the shelves and plot jumping
claws first into their sleeping eyeballs
yesterday, their children played a game called
“kick the cat”
my satisfaction is to never play dead
i’ve seen this house from all angles
enough to know that we are both slaves here
let me own what i can
let them clean my shit
nothing will forget the taste of my hair

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