by Max Binder

For Utter Chaos, Where Everything Seems to Make More Sense. Almost.

Cattle ships and bruisers float and lurk upon this birthplace of civilization, reminiscent of the days when most of it was farmland and meat would float downstream because of the floods or because it had been beaten to death.

          DING          What is the Euphrates River?
Good, that’s 400 for Melissa, what would you like next?
                    Luxury cars for 600, Alex.
           Okay, luxury for six.

This Italian-made beauty was named after some breed of horse. I bought one when I was forty-seven because I thought my wife was leaving me and I knew I’d never do anything with my life
besides running this stupid show. Also, it makes me feel like I have a bigger penis.

          DING          Yes, Melissa, again.
                              What is a Ferrari?
          That is correct, 600 for Melissa. Pick your category.

Phallic symbols for 400.                    Okay.

This eugenic society was created to subvert one man’s issues about rejection from arts school.

          DING          John!
                              What is the Third Reich, Alex?
          Correct again. Pick your category.
                    Showstoppers for 200.
                              Okay, showstoppers.

This Greek figure of myth had its head chopped off by Perseus due to its mystical powers, I
believe we have a photo——————

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